John F. Dumas Vulcan Ware

Revision History

Version Number Date Description
1.0 Jun 14, 1998 Initial Release
1.0.1 Aug 18, 1998 Enhanced resource file reading mechanism to be able to read GUI layout descriptions from a URL. Previously, ALE could read this information only from a file or from a resource inside a .jar file. Also, added unix scripts and pc .bat files to make compiling/running the examples in the examples directory easier.
1.0.2 Sep 1, 1998 Added workaround to allow ALE to work inside an applet. ALE ultimately relies on a call to Class.getDeclaredFields which causes AppletSecurityManager to throw a SecurityException (this despite a statement that this shouldn't be the case on Sun's reflection API web page, I have registered my displeasure regarding this behavior with Sun's java plug in team). Anyway, ALE will now work inside an Applet if you are willing to make public any member variables that ALE needs to access (all those components that are mentioned in your .ale file).
1.0.3 Apr 26, 2007 Updated documentation, replaced deprecated 'show()' with 'setVisible(true)' in our examples.

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