John F. Dumas Vulcan Ware

A comprehensive solution to the java graphical user interface layout problem. Distributed as free software along with the 1999 (1.2 edition) of
Peter Van Der Linden's Just Java book.


  • Ability to specify all layout information in an external ascii file that can be edited to alter the layout of your GUI without having to recompile.
  • Ability to handle arbitrarily complex layouts without having to recursively combine numerous LayoutManagers and Panels

    Online Documentation

    • If you'd like to see how ale works and how to use it, you can click here to browse the online documentation

    Revision History

    • You can view ALE's revision history here

    License Agreement This software is completely free and the source code is included.
    To download the package:

    • Click  ale.tar.gz  to download as a gzipped tar file
    • Click  to download as a zip file.
    After unpacking the .zip or .tar.gz file, you will have created a directory called ale.  That directory contains a README file that describes how the distribution is structured, how to compile the source, etc.

    The following people assisted in creating this software:

    • Sandra K. Moore (, who wrote all the documentation. Sandra contributed *many* hours of her own time to make this package accessible and immediately useful.
    • Jim Levie (, who provided valuable feedback as to how the package should work -- and who also (demonstrating extreme bravery) tested and used the package extensively before documentation was even available. The "external method" feature was added to fulfill Jim's needs.
    • Matt Nelson (, who also provided valuable real-world insight as to how things should behave. The "define" feature was added at Matt's request.
    • Kyle Gillentine ( and Fred Marshall ( a couple of good guys I work with who've also assisted in making ale reliable and usable.

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