John F. Dumas Vulcan Ware
TCP Reflector

A multithreaded java application that allows you to redirect all connections to a particular machine and port to another machine and port. Comes with full source code.

Running the application without any arguments displays the usage information.

   java TCPReflector

   Usage: program 
      -port listenPort
      -dest destHost:destPortNumber
   -port and -dest are required

Here's an example of how this application can be used to spy on traffic between a web server and your browser.

   java TCPReflector -port 8888 -dest -echo
Now, point your brower to this url:
And you'll get the USA Today home page through the reflector but every byte sent between the browser and server is displayed as it is sent (this is because of '-echo'). You can also select block output (-block) or hexadecimal block output (-xblock).


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