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QScale is an application written using the cross platform toolkit Qt. It allows you to view or print any scale in any key. It can display any scale because its list of known scales is stored in an external xml file that can be modified to support additional scales.

The application has been successfully built and run on both Linux and Windows XP. Full source code is included along with a Makefile that can be used to build on either platform, you'll just need to modify the appropriate section of the Makefile ...

## -------------------
# Win32 Options
## -------------------

CONFIG_VC_ROOT      := g:/vs/vc98
CONFIG_WIN32_QTROOT := c:/qt3.1.2

## -------------------
# Unix Options
## -------------------

CONFIG_UNIX_QTROOT := /tools/qt-3.1.2
If you don't happen to have a copy of Gnu Make on your windows machine, you can use mine.

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Windows Executable

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